Hello, reader, and welcome!

If you’re on Ampersandras, you are likely already familiar with me and the motivation behind this site, but on the off chance that you aren’t, permit me to offer some insight.

Ampersandras was originally meant to paint a picture of my university experience, in all (or if not all, many) of its aspects. Since then, it has morphed more into a platform that paints a picture of my life experience. While education is, of course, a large part of that, I think it would be unfair to both myself and my reader to confine this blog to academia. There’s also the point, of course, that I’m currently not a student, but we’ll call that a secondary motivation.

The primary content of this blog, then, will actually be book reviews– for more insight on what led me to this decision, see the post “Book Review: Villette” found here. I will also offer updates on whatever is going on in my life, and I don’t promise not to stray into ramblings. The original content of the blog, detailing some of the decisions I made regarding university, will remain up. Even if it doesn’t quite fit in with the ideas that I have now, I figure I ought to pay homage to my beginnings.

And there you have it! I hope I haven’t lost you already, because I’m really quite excited about seeing where this goes. I’m partially afraid that it will be as much of a mess as my mind usually is, but I suppose that even if that’s the case, at least it will be an accurate portrayal. And regardless, I’m always fond of adventures.


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