Ready, Set, Go

In my last post, I mentioned my intention to do a marathon: a week where I post every day. This past week it wasn’t practical, because I had a friend come and stay on Monday for a few days, and Thursday and Friday I spent practicing music for a Mass. The marathon will therefore commence tomorrow!

For the next five days, I’m going to post every day, AT LEAST once a day. I have two book reviews lined up, a fun tale about my experience playing Mass for the first time, and I’m finally going to post some of my original short fiction. That leaves me with one day still a mystery. Anyone with an idea or request, please let me know in the comments!

I know this is short; I just wanted to post a blurb, and now I’m off to work on my material for the rest of the week. I intend to plant some details about what I’ve been up to recently through everything else, so if you’re curious be sure to browse through.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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