Day One

Today was the first day that I made my GoFundMe page public. I’ve been putting it off for a while now. It makes me uncomfortable to think that I’ve publicly asked for money, asked my family and friends, people that I adore and respect, to help me because I’m scared that I won’t be able to make it myself.

The response I’ve receive thus far has been overwhelming, and that’s what I to talk about.

Within twenty minutes I had my first donation, and it was from a woman who has always been one of my biggest fans. Just being around her makes me feel like maybe I will make it as an English major, because she’s one of the coolest ladies I know, and for whatever reason she thinks that I’m pretty cool, too. She’s the reason I love greyhounds. She’s the reason I love Okkervil River (my favourite band). And here, she was the first one to dive in and show that she thinks I’m worth her investment.

Some people can’t donate, and I know that. I’ve had a few friends who have shared and promoted my post, I have people who rally around me with messages of love and support. I’m deeply thankful for all of them.


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